County of Newell

About This Project

In November of 2009, BR2 Architecture was selected to work with representatives of the County of Newell to design their new County facility. It is intended that the proposed new building would amalgamate County Administration, Public Works and the Agricultural Services Board (ASB) into one cohesive facility. The proposed new facility is to be located on a new 10 acre site south of the Town of Brooks.


The preliminary program for the new facility includes:


  • County Administration
  • Entry and lobbies
  • Council Chambers and offices
  • Administration offices
  • Assessment offices
  • Finance offices
  • Safety offices
  • Agricultural Services Board Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Expansion offices
  • IT offices/workrooms
  • Staff lunch/fitness
  • Emergency Operations rooms
  • Change rooms
  • Records vault
  • Washrooms
  • Support service areas
  • Public Works/Agricultural Services Board
  • Offices
  • Agricultural Services Board Shop
  • Parts/Receiving and storage
  • Welding Bay
  • General storage
  • Shop laundry
  • Washrooms
  • Wash bay
  • Support service areas