City of Fort Saskatchewan – Centre Square


Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

About This Project

The new proposed “City Centre Square” for the City of Fort Saskatchewan reflects the City’s desire to provide convenient, efficient, enhanced and accessible Civic Administration services and Library in one consolidated facility.


The vision for the development of the new Civic Administration and Library facility was to create a new focus and “heart” in downtown Fort Saskatchewan. The development concept allowed for the closure of 102nd Street allowing the new three storey Administration addition to form a backdrop for the new enhanced entry to the complex and the creation of a public promenade and square. The new Library addition and link bridges the gap between the existing facilities and links to the new Administration facility.


At almost 67,000 sq. ft., the new and renovated facilities will have the majority of Civic departments, City Council, Council Chambers, community spaces and the public library. Civic Administration comprises almost 40,000 sq. ft., community space exceeds 5,200 sq. ft. and the Library will now exceed 22,000 sq. ft.


The new “City Centre Square” concept not only creates a new community space and “heart” for the downtown but as well reinforces the unity and accessibility of Civic Administration and their commitment to the community.