BR2 Architecture | PEERS MULTIPLEX
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About This Project



Barr Ryder Architects & Interior Designers were retained in August of 2012 by Yellowhead County to assist the Peers Community Representatives in the design of a replacement community multipurpose facility. The new community multipurpose facility is to be designed to replace the existing two sheets of ice curling centre, provide a new seniors drop in facility, a new multipurpose community area, kitchen and support services.


The evolution of the new facility is based on a number of community consultations and the identification of deficiencies and emergent community needs.


The existing curling and community facility is nearing the end of its effective life span.  Although still operational and very well maintained, the facility does not effectively meet the needs of the community.  In addition, the heating system cannot appropriately maintain a comfortable temperature in the facilities, and the kitchen and washroom facilities are insufficient for the occupant load.  The curling facilities are functional but have significant operational deficiencies.  Organizationally, there is little segregation of functions and security of spaces is ineffective.


The proposed new Peers Community Multipurpose Building is to not only replace the existing aging facilities, but to provide a building that will enhance current activities with new opportunities for community engagement around the new facilities and its surrounding outdoor recreational space.