BR2 Architecture | MANLUK CENTRE
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About This Project



BR2 was commissioned to review the current trends and feasibility of a new aquatics facility to meet the current and future needs of the region and be located in the City of Wetaskiwin. Through the project analysis process, it was felt that expanding the scope to review the master plan for the long term evolution of recreational and cultural facilities in the vicinity of the existing recreation grounds and the community was essential.

BR2, the owner, user groups, the public and the consultant team worked together to develope a public survey, held public open houses, provided and enhanced an analysis of the existing Aboussafy Pool, established a new vision for recreation and culture in the region and developed the concept for a new aquatics facility as Phase 1 of a multiplex.

The proposed master plan and concept for the aquatics component of a multiplex evolved as a result of appropriate public consultation, workshops and cooperation between the owner, stakeholders, the public and the consulting team creating a vision that truly reflects the needs of the community and region for the 21st Century.

BR2 has recently completed the design and development of the Manluk Centre.

The program incorporates:

  • 6 lane, 25m competition pool with 1m diving board
  • Lazy river
  • Tots pool/spray park
  • Waterslide
  • Whirlpool
  • Wave generator
  • Change areas
  • Leisure pool
  • A variety of support and service areas
  • Administration
  • Public viewing area
  • Bleachers
  • Party room
  • Fitness
  • Multipurpose rooms

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Interior Design, Recreation