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About This Project



In 2006, BR2 Architecture were retained by Northland School Division No. 61 to design a 300 student grade 5 to 12 facility with a potential expansion to 400 students. The future expansion of this school was to be accommodated with the integration of modular relocatable classrooms into the initial design. The design of the core school was to be based on a 400 student capacity.


Primarily a one storey 3700 m2 building including a mechanical mezzanine, the Bill Woodward School was designed as a community school. Through a series of stakeholder workshops, it was established that this new facility was to be an integral part of the community’s future fabric. The gymnasium is intended to be fully used by the community for after hour’s sports performances, gatherings and a full range of other activities planned when this facility opens.


The concept for the school was to create a central heart with the educational wings radiating from the heart or gathering area an orientation node in the facility. The gymnasium was directly accessible from the heart/gathering node. The administration suite was strategically located adjacent to the heart/gathering node for security and orientation within the school along with other common use areas. The educational wings were each given an information services node on which a pod of classrooms was focused for individualized studies within the school.


Natural light played a big role in the development of this facility with windows to all facilities and clerestory translucent glazing to allow access into interior core and nodal areas. The program for this school was tailored specifically for the requirements of this community within the guidelines as established by the School Infrastructure Manual (SIM).


Environmental issues were a major consideration for the project not only selection of materials and construction methods but as well, site development and management as this school is intended for LEED® Silver certification.


Anzac, Alberta