BR2 Architecture | Cold Lake Energy Centre
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Cold Lake Energy Centre


BR2 Architecture was retained in 2015 by the City of Cold Lake to work in conjunction with the City to review the master plan for development of the Energy Centre. The work includes the design for expansions of a second NHL ice rink with seating for up to 400 spectators, a minimum of four team change rooms, figure skating change room, referee change, multipurpose room(s), and storage and utility rooms. The existing facility ice plant and ice re-surfacer rooms will be integrated into the expansion. A new upper level spectator viewing lounge is to be located between the existing performance ice arena and the new second ice surface. The public corridor (concourse) will be extended on main and second levels to connect the new ice arena expansion to the existing building. Included with the ice arena expansion are public washrooms, offices, a passenger elevator and a climbing wall or leisure ice venue.

A second major component (Phase 2) of the expansion includes a second field house adjacent to the existing field house. The new field house will include team change rooms, referee change room, storage and public washrooms. The existing field house is proposed to be re-purposed as a dedicated dance studio and gymnastics facility on the main level and an expansion of second floor space will accommodate multipurpose rooms, expanded public washrooms and spectator viewing of the gymnastics floor space.

The third component (Phase 3) includes a second new field house paired to Phase 2 with additional team change rooms, storage, washrooms and building utility spaces. A second level expansion of spectator viewing is included. Within the Phase 3 scope a third level suspended running track will be situated above the two new field houses.

The complete phased Energy Centre expansion has been integrated into an updated site master plan development. Site development includes the development of an artificial turf outdoor sports field sized for football and soccer with a running track surrounding the playfield. A new change facility with outdoor spectator seating above has been planned for the exterior sports field. The change facility includes team change rooms for football and soccer as well as offices, storage and building utility areas.

An expansion of the on-site roadways and parking has been included with this master plan.  Provisions have been made with the site development for proposed future expansions of the College and High School.

Consideration is being given to proceed with a phased design that includes the new ice arena, change rooms, spectator seating, and concourse expansion, meeting rooms, offices and revised entry/reception as the base tender. Separate price provisions will be developed for Phase 2 and Phase 3 work.