BR2 Architecture | Aqua-Fit: Phase 2
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Aqua-Fit: Phase 2


BR2 Architecture were commissioned by the Town of Beaumont in October of 2016 to assist with the development of the concept plan and detailed design of the Aqua-Fit Phase 2 project. The terms of reference are for a facility expansion that will include a practice arena and a fieldhouse.

The following primary concept objectives guided the design process for the development:

• Off street parking with sheltered drop-off area.
• An exterior aesthetic that is complimentary to the existing building and expands upon the French Village Theme.
• Single NHL size ice rink and a multipurpose indoor sports field.
• Full size indoor gymnasium with multi-game play.
• Two-lane indoor running track.
• Centralized reception and control desk.
• Exposure to natural light.
• Blend the new into the existing.
• Concession and seating areas for the public.